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As a manager, you know how important quality of customer service is to the success of operations. Customer satisfaction is necessary for the achievement of the planned business objectives.

Obviously, the ideal situation is the maintenance of a high quality of the service simultaneously minimising costs and reducing workload.

At Contact Center, we offer solutions which enable the creation that ideal situation.

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Products which we offer

Back office services

Contact Center provides back office services supporting the back offices of enterprises. Our experienced staff comprehensively support auxiliary and organizational processes, in this way facilitating the administrative activities of the Clients’ companies.

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Support of loyalty programs

Among the numerous services, our company offers also support of loyalty programs. Solutions proposed by Contact Center are dedicated to all companies engaged in direct sales, whose aim is to increase the efficiency of their marketing activities by means of loyalty programs.

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Information services and information line

The information line is, without doubt, the main channel of communications between the customer and the enterprise. It is worth remembering this, while noting that an increase in customer satisfaction is a real increase in revenues.

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ServiceDesk and HelpDesk

Technical support of your customers in our hands

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